World Business Assembly

What is the platform of WBA?

Great platform for networking

One of the few places where leaders from different parts of the world can meet and exchange ideas freely is the WBA Conference of Leaders. The WBA collaborative platform is a great follow-up online tool for World Business Assembly members to exchange ideas, best practices and to find out more about other members. The WBA collaborative platform is the best way to learn more about the other members, to start discussions and to initiate new projects. Last but not least, it is a great networking platform that will give you personalized access to all other WBA members. Unlike other online platforms, the WBA collaborative platform is exclusive only for members so you will have many chances for collaboration.


The platform is very useful because member selection is very competitive and all WBA members are leading professionals in their areas of expertise. Moreover, WBA also attracts experts who are tolerant, outspoken and open for cooperation as one of its core goals is to foster international cross-sector cooperation. WBA is proud of its success stories, a lot of which would not have been possible without the WBA collaborative platform. It also gives thorough information about workshops and panels that are organized and moderated by WBA. The platform is very interactive and gives members the chance to connect to any WBA member at any time. The number of members grows all the time and the contacts which could be acquired on the platform are priceless. It is up to members how well they can benefit from the various options which are available for them. Most members state that the platform was very useful to create new contacts and to improve already existing ones. Some of them state that the platform enabled them to find a partner and to start a project.

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